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AUTHOR, Published Works

Prophetic Word Bank: Every War Starts With Words, I Prophesy: A Weekly Devotional and lots more.

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SPEAKER, Engaging Speaking Engagements

Major Daughter is a dynamic, engaging and passionate speaker with a genuine heart for God. Her topics focus on prayer, purpose and empowered living. Custom topics that are in line with her expertise are also available on request.

Life COACH, Life Coaching For Those That Want To Enjoy a Fulfilling Personal Life

Major Daughter combines her passion and gifts together to life coach people that are stuck in all areas of life. She gives people the push they need to discover their purpose and fulfill their calling.


Behind The App

Life gets into the way of our goals and dreams in so many ways. However, since we have just one life, it’s very important to ensure that we actualize what we were created to be.

Hi! I’m Major Daughter- a bestselling Christian author, voice and Life Coach.

I equip people to reach their peak. My passion lies in bridging the gap between faith and real life for my audiences. I make use of personal experiences as well as biblical teachings to equip my audiences so that they can:


  • Live as conquerors and overcomers.

  • Transform their painful experiences into ministry opportunities.

  • Discover, embrace and fulfill their God-given purpose.

  • Build a vibrant relationship with God and experience the blessings such relationship brings, and

  • Restate their position of faith without any fear.

Major Daughter is saturating the airwaves on Daily @ 8pm

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My books, speaking engagements and Coaching Courses. were
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